Feedback from Lithuanian students on mobility in Trikala – Greece
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Feedback from Lithuanian students on mobility in Trikala – Greece
Tuesday was our first day at the Greek school.
The ceremony of getting to know the countries started with a performance by the school orchestra.
Later, we listened to the school choir and several soloists’ performances. Norvile

On Wednesday morning, Erasmus+ project participants left for the Meteora monasteries.
During the trip we could observe the wonderful and unique nature of Greece through the windows - rocks, mountains, meadows and towns located in the lowlands…
We learned a lot of interesting and small facts about the daily life of the nuns(…)
The guided tour was also particularly impressing by the exceptional beauty and detail of the interior of the monastery(…).
After the tour, we visited a few more breathtaking viewpoints. Here, too, we found some grace for the ears: in the open nature, at the foot of the rocks, students and teachers sang various songs and, of course, the anthem of our project "My biggest dream - better world".
The beautiful melodies and lyrics in such a special and aesthetic place really gave a great and unforgettable impression. Breathing in the beauty of all that nature and the harmonious atmosphere, we headed back, ready for another amazing day of the Erasmus+ project. Emilija

Early Thursday morning we set off to Delphi.
In the ancient period, Delphi was declared as the center of the whole world, a cultural and religious area.
Upon arrival, we were greeted with breathtaking views, and had the opportunity to walk around the area that is full of history and stunning architecture.
Next was a visit to the "Thermopiles" museum, where we saw many ancient sculptures related to Delphi and the history of this city.
After spending half a day surrounded by wonderful nature, beautiful weather, mountains, and architecture and workshop "Let’s melt the past into the present" Culture and traditions, we went to another beautiful place called Itea . Kamila

On Friday morning, we went to the ,,Tsitsanis” museum, where we had the opportunity to sing our traditional Lithuanian song ,,Žemėj Lietuvos ąžuolai žaliuos"(“In the land of Lithuania oaks will green”).
After the songs were presented to all of the countries, a tour of the museum followed, where we saw many interesting paintings reflecting ancient Greek art.
During the day, we went to the Trikala Music School. We had a very interesting music lesson at school, where we created electronic music, and we were also able to try out the instruments in the music school and contribute to the creation of music, we had  integrated lessons on Geography, History, Architecture and Art in natural environment.
Impact on results learning and teaching in non formal educational space,applying of non traditional methods.
Despite the great time spent creating the musical number, every country shared their traditional fairy tales and we tried to look for good qualities of the fairy tale heroes.
At the end of another eventful day, we discussed the week's memories, activities, and sights we had seen on our excursions.
The activities of the whole week were crowned by the last dinner at the restaurant, where we received certificates and gifts for being together for the whole week.
We will remember this trip for the rest of our lives because it gave us many impressions, memories, and new life experiences. Pijus

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