A Hüseyin Bürge Anatolian High School
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A Hüseyin Bürge Anatolian High School
A Hüseyin Bürge Anatolian High School
Hüseyin Bürge Anatolian High School is a project school located in Bayrampaşa,a district of İstanbul.
İstanbul is one of the marvellous cities in the world,built on two continents,divided by Bosphorus Strait.
Our school is one of the leading schools in its district and it is very close to historical and touristic places.
It is a public school for students from grades 9-12(14-18 years old).It admits their students according to the national test scores.
There are 50 friendly teachers and 873 pupils,from all kinds of social backgrounds.
Education in our school lasts 4 years. In the fourth year, students take the university exam and enter the University according to the score they get.
Lessons in our school are Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, literature, philosophy, religion and ethics, physical education, ICT and Music. In addition, English and German are taught as language lessons in this school.
There are 26 classrooms,two labs, ICT room,conference hall, library,music room and a canteen in our school.
Our teachers are trying to improve themselves by implementing new teaching methods as they see the need of change.
For this reason they try hard to gain knowledge ,a broad set of competence and ability to cope with change in the 21st century.
We think that we should be able to meet the expectations of students,their parents and the society.We are open-minded and ready for change.
We take part in international projects such as eTwinning and Erasmus+ projects to help our students to become innovative and knowledgeable citizens of the world and to give them chance to integrate with other traditions and customs and develop tolerance towards the different cultures.
  Website: www.huseyinburge.net.k12.tr

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