Polo Liceale “Raffaele Mattioli”
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Polo Liceale “Raffaele Mattioli”
Polo Liceale “Raffaele Mattioli” is an upper-secondary school located in Vasto, a town in the south of Abruzzo, the "Green Region of Europe", where nature and art blend harmoniously. The school is a lyceum with three courses of study: the traditional scientific one, the applied sciences option with a strong focus on science and ICT and the music course. Therefore, Mattioli offers an educational approach that can achieve a balance between scientific, humanistic-philosophical and artistic-musical interpretative models, between the culture of the past and that of the present, flexible and open to change. Students have the possibility of experimenting with a multiplicity of areas and having a greater knowledge of their interests and inclinations. The broad and articulated cultural preparation offered by Mattioli allows students to continue their studies at university and pursue their careers in the working world.

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