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Marin Preda

”Marin Preda” High School in Turnu Magurele is situated in Muntenia, a southern region in Romania, at 130 km from the capital city, Bucharest.

We have a rich history and a good image in the community, which has been gained through the students' and teachers' good results. In time, we have become better in several domains.

Our high school was founded in 1920 as a Girls’ School, but it has undergone numerous changes until 1995, when it adopted the name of the great novelist Marin Preda, who was born in this region.

Our institution includes all three levels of education, primary, secondary and high school and it currently has around 800 students and 64 teachers.

There are 10 classes in primary school, 8 classes in secondary school and 15 classes in high school.

In the highest level of education, most classes have a humanistic profile, but there is also a class in each grade that is mainly focused on sciences.

Apart from that, in secondary level, there is a special class that studies piano.

In terms of resources, there are 19 classrooms, a multifunctional laboratory (for chemistry and physics), two IT labs, one library, an assembly room, a teacher’s room and a sports hall.


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